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The Belchertown Community Band - Celebrating our 34th season

Belchertown Community Band Membership


There are no auditions or dues.  Music is provided for the season and remains the property of the BCB.  The atmosphere is relaxed and fun.  Mistakes are tolerated in good humor.  It is expected that courtesy to all is the standard.  When the director speaks, all should pay attention.  There are necessary announcements or business by the Steering Committee and each member is responsible for remaining aware of all information.  Please inform the committee of any problems or feel free to offer suggestions.


The community band experience is unlike school or professional groups.  Rarely do amateurs and professionals, young and old get to work together.  The opportunity to learn and grow is unique.  The director is more of a guide than an authority figure, and does not assign parts or solos.  It is expected that all will help each other by offering suggestions and sharing solos.  If you want to attempt a more challenging part, just ask.  Try to work things out as a section.  There are no prima donnas; the BCB is a team.  From a musical viewpoint, it is required that all parts be covered; there are no unimportant harmonies.  At our concerts, we have a tradition of all members being responsible for their own chair, music stand, and folder.  Great friendships are born of shared work and musical enjoyment.


In a patriotic theme of red, white, and blue, our 'uniform' is a white top of any kind appropriate to the weather, and navy on the bottom.  This can be pants or a skirt and even shorts in a heat wave.  Dress for comfort.  It is especially nice if those in the front row look neat and appropriately dressed.  it is our hope that no one need buy clothing in order to join our group.


Member Responsibilities

You will be expected to take good care of your music and mark it, when needed, with a pencil.  If you take your folder home to practice (this is encouraged) make sure it is returned for the next practice if you cannot attend.  Someone else may need it.  This is especially important for concerts.  You are expected to attend the rehearsal before each concert in which you will perform.  During the guest performances at each concert, we request that you remain seated as a courtesy to our guests.  Arrive early at rehearsals and concerts to warm up and tune.  Early in the concert season, be sure to sign the concert schedule so that the director can plan on parts coverage for concerts.  If you have a question about anything, please ask.